Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rants and Raves from August 2005 Postings

The scope of non-compete in China, 1.5 bill pop is too broad

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 31, 2005, 8:40 PM PDT
Story: Google: Microsoft suit could crimp China efforts
There is no precedent for granting a non-compete on such a
large scale as 1.5 billion people and a land mass the size of
China. A similar agreement in the US would have limits on the
states and length of time, usually a year but not covering all
business activity a person performs, even if it closely parallels
the current job he had with the old company. To see Microsoft
try to use the court to "hold up" another company, is laughable,
these guys break rules left and right, step thru any loophole,
and steal employees, I.P. and ideas from numerous others. To
have them suddenly want to get protection from the laws that
they so blatantly break is humorous. What a bunch of lackies.

If they cant make the OS safe, then direct attention elsewhere

Typical of the smokescreen and n'er do wrong appearance that
Microsoft tries to put on, they set up an Internet "sting'
operations center designed to help police catch the people that
are using windows holes to get into networks & systems to steal
data etc. Yeah, we trust Microsoft to build a secure OS, but since
they can't, we will accept gifts and bribes, to look the other way,
rather than focusing on the ones who made the swiss cheese OS
in the first place. Lets let the wolf into the henhouse shall we?

How about a Get The Facts campaign about the number of
dollars and hours wasted, fixing windows, securing windows,
chasing bad guys who find the holes in windows, downloading
updates for windows and so on. There should be a metric for
how much this software has crippled businesses and consumers,
while in the guise of helping them. Kinda like booze, and
cigarettes, we know people like them, but we also let them know
its fun, but its gonna be a killer later on. time to put a warning
label on Windows.

Bill Gates could care less about his Ignorant user base

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 4:46 AM PDT
Story: Hollywood, Microsoft align on new Windows
Since PC users keep buying his junky software then he can keep
looking for ways to grab money from another source since he
has already got that 90% of the world fooled. He isnt going to fix
windows, he is going to side up with Hollywood and waste some
of their time and money next. It would really be in everyone's
best interest to buy American: get a Mac, just like Mom and hot
dogs and baseball. The time to dump Windows is NOW, its just
plain useless to hope it will get better, 10 years have shown you
it WONT. What a shame PC users are stuck like this. A shame
the government didnt sue these hucksters at Microsoft long ago,
maybe the terrorists will use MSFT against us sometime soon,
and THEN "Maybe" many of PC users will get smart and get
off windows for good. it just plain sucks.

I tried sidebar, Copernic, MSN etal, Google is better

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 4:33 PM PDT
Story: Google gets better. What's up with that?
For built in search capabilities I had been using Copernic since it
started years ago and was both a Windows and Mac app. It was
great how it hi-lites in yellow the search term results, and it
integrated into IE pretty good too. When I saw the Widgets in
Apple OS X made by the original widget makers Konfabulator, I
recalled they had one for slide show of pictures in a frame on
your Mac desktop. The new Google sidebar does this now too,
and many more things, I consider it a nice aggregation of many
of your frequently used OS needs and easy access to files,
folders, search, and these Photos if you like a randomly
changing assortment of interesting things floating on the
desktop. At least Googles features are based on several "human"
interface ease-of-use designs that Windows has sorely lacked
forever. It brings some nicer Mac like workflow improvements
that the rest of the world can enjoy, for free. We can only hope
as they evolve that they stay more true to form than the errant
empire Microsoft has turned into.

We decided between Build or Buy, & Teleo seemed a good fit

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 7:16 PM PDT
Story: MSN buys into Net calling future
Not one to be caught "late to the party" once more, with no
options other than buy and "bolt-on" another bundled feature
for Windows users. If you can manage to shut down the MSN
Messenger I guess you will be able to use another VOIP/SIP chat
client, but if history serves us a reminder, MSFT will make all
other chat apps be 2nd rate citizens on Windows. Of course
youll be offered the option to Join MSN at least 5 times, as it
does in a new XP install, but somehow I bet they will more
tightly tie users options to MS or None. They decided to buy,
knowing full well they cant build it, and whatever they can learn
about VOIP/SIP will be at the expense of Teleo, who had a nice
app until it gets ravaged by the collage of other bolt-ons that
will drag it into oblivion and probably disconnections galore. Wonder
when the first auto-dial virus will spring to life running up nasty
phone bills, sex dialers will have a field day.

Software architect: Trustworthy Computing,XPSP3,Vista,CRM,MSN ,Search,SQL 5

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 12:21 PM PDT
Story: Something fishy's going on
When you have 20,000 programmers you can throw a lot of
ideas up in the air and see where they come down. As the chief
designer of , Gates has his hands full trying to plug a leaking
ship...meanwhile the rest of the confused programmers are busy
trying to corner the market on CRM, MSNSearch, Office, SQL
Server, Groove, BizTalk, Vista, and whatever number the next
Service Pack for XP will be 3, 4, 5. Any chance this company has
more things to do than it has eyes, ears, and hands to do them?
When you make one bad product you usually concentrate and fix
it, when you make a dozen, where do you begin? A company
with this much money has but one mind, make more cash, crush
more companies with better ideas, cheat and steal a few more
good technologies, and try to corral your user base into forking
over their hard-earned money for half baked junk made with
"ADD" fixated groups of mishmashed products. Soon this gorilla
will choke, or better yet wither away when something plugs up
its rear end from letting out half-a**ed crap.

Lee's Contract is too restrictive on the scope of his area

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 3:18 PM PDT
Story: Google asks court to void Lee's Microsoft pact
It is likely this will be thrown out of court once they get to the
part about how extensive Lee's contract is regarding the area
(geographically) that it covers. He was hired in WA, to work in
China, and is being lured away to work in CA, regarding China.
To prevent a man from working in a country with over 1.5 Billion
people because the scope of his non-compete is China, is beyond
precedent. In desperation, MSFT wants to tie up Google with
some legal wrangling. This is what Gates has learned the hard hassles will distract company focus, and chip away at
goodwill. The fact that there is a lawsuit is more about Gates
poker or "war" strategy to tie up google on the ropes for a bit, in
hopes they might stop Out-Innovating Microsoft, which is not
hard to do, even with one hand tied behind your back.

Bill Gates has experience in raiding other companies employees,
witness the Procter & Gamble-ization of all Microsoft
products.....bright colorful packaging, "New & Improved"
promises, bundled offerings, add-ons, upgrades; its apparent
where he gets his marketing ideas from.

Then look at where DOS came from, QDOS which Gates didn't
own at the time he offered it to IBM, thanks to his Momma's
connections via her sharing United Way board seats with IBM C-
Level members in talks for a PC OS. Then take a gander at the
story behind NT, at

documenting NT as a hack from Digital that Gates also stole,
and reworked, bugs and all, into a product for the unknowing
corporate masses of guinea pig testers: MIS, CIO, and IT staff. I
hope Google stomps on Bill's toes in Court, and that Mr. Lee is
actually worth the trouble.

Yeah, I want to give up my TV that works, for a PC? No way

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 4:52 AM PDT
Story: FAQ: Vista's strong, new antipiracy protections
When was the last time you wanted to sit in front of your PC and
answer DRM questions and wade thru security features to watch a
video. As if we really want to cuddle up to our suck-as* PC and rely
on it to give us easy & reliable entertainment. It will be the downfall of the
living room if that room also gets infected by having a PC in there as a TV.
Hopefully the world will be smarter than that, Microsoft could
better serve everyone by FIXING windows security and leave the
TV, video and Music to smart machines that only require a simple On &
Off button to operate.

HAHAHAHAHA Can I laugh at Windows users much more?

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 4:04 AM PDT
Story: Microsoft investigates another IE flaw report
You guys must feel like pincushions by now, no other product in
history has taken so much out of society's pockets, and ruined
their days off, fixing more crap. The solution is not to stop using
IE, it is to STOP using Windows. Microsoft sucks, can I say it any
louder for you who cant say "SH*T" with a mouthful....WINDOWS Sucks,
get over your lame professions that this OS is Ok, and that
smart users "patch" their systems.

Have you not learned by now that its not going to end. Lets see,
I patched the Apple PowerBook once or twice a month, does it
get bitten weekly by bugs, viruses, worms, or trojans NOPE!!! In
this world, Trojans are for when youre having "safe" fun, but for
PC losers its the sign of bad birth control, Bill Gates birthed a
"lemon" on the world. Go ahead, admit you bought junk.
You really should buy a Macintosh and then you can learn what
stability and trouble free computing is all about. Instead youre Poor suckers.
Bill Gates loves you though, I am sure he's got a big present for
you this holiday, keep waiting for it, its in the mail.......

Corp users with SP1 are not affected IF, theres a domain

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 23, 2005, 7:39 PM PDT
Story: Zotob worm hole also affects Windows XP
So according to Ms. Fry at MSFT, the XP users who are to be
concerned would only be those who had Sys Admins who had
updated them to SP1, but of course wouldnt go up to SP2, and
are hopefully behind a domain. While they say the home users
would not be as likely to be affected because all the "smart"
home users had beaten the Corp. Sys Admins to the punch and
installed SP2 on their own, yeah right! According to MSFT, who
learned of this new XP hole from Symantec, there is not a big
window of vulnerability on XP, so long as youre in a domain, or
using SP2; thats for this week. What lies ahead for next week,
and next month on patch Tuesday is anybody's guess. Someone
ought to figure out a way to sue MSFT for negligence, they make
no effort to build a secure system, and check it themselves,
rather leaving it to the guinea Pigs, i.e.: Windows users, and
Symantec. Scary. MSFT would argue that with millions of lines of code
it is hard to "be sure" there is not a bug in there, and that they should not
be liable for them. How soon would you stop flying on Boeing Jets
if Boeing suddenly says: Look, we have over 3 million parts on a 747,
some opf them might be rusty, broken, or mismatched, but we think you
are Ok to fly on it. AND, if our plane crashes, we are not to blame, since
there are just way too many features, and parts for us to check first.
Its time for a liability lawsuit against Microsoft, they cost us billions, plus
lots of lost productivity, and possibly some loss of life too.

What kind of Computer, was it Windows again?

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 30, 2005, 6:16 AM PDT
Story: Computer fault grounds airplanes
I wonder what OS they ran on this computer. Something tells me it
might be Windows helping to run the world more securely, sure!

My keyboard is getting a workout, bashing Windows

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 24, 2005, 1:46 PM PDT
Story: IM worm speaks your language
As if I havent had enough fodder for flogging Bill Gates and his
lousy group of software packages, Windows, IE, and of course
MSN Messenger, or is that just MESS for short?!! Haha. No
sooner than I have submitted a post on CNET or ZDNet, good old
MSFT gives me another chance to extol the virtues of Apple Macintosh, and
reveal once more, the absolute mindless lemming-like following
of Windows users, as they hope the next Windows actually comes
close to being like OS X.

If you would quit buying a PC then MS would get smarter and
maybe improve the OS by rewriting it from scratch. Maybe theyll get
rid of the idiotic thing called the Registry, and build in more
security and less whistles and bells. You know, features that
would make the whole Web experience better for all Internet
users. But so long as the average, I did mean average, user
continues to buy another PC, and another, then Bill will be smart
and keep laughing on the way to the bank with another
"suckers" money. They dont need to change the software if the
user base is ignorant enough to keep making excuses for it, do
they? Theres one born every minute, step right up.

Messenger Registry OS from scratch, my facts, your fiction

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 25, 2005, 7:25 AM PDT
Story: IM worm speaks your language
Mac OS has no Registry, NetInfo is nothing of the sort, any
application that comes into OS X resides in 3 places, the
Applications folder if you installed it there, and 2 library folders
which have reasonable names that you can identify, not
something like Regserv234856265A-23644621GH291968274
ala Windows Registry. No I guess OS X isnt from scratch, it does
ride on FreeBSD, known as secure and reliable as the foundation,
whereas Windows rides on nothing of the same sort.
Disingenious at best, and offered to the unknowing masses as
more than it is. They dont know any better. And MSN Messenger
isnt Windows, no it isnt, BUT it is taking the weakness of the
host platform and allowing more infiltration into the wonderful,
secure OS that some IT guys feel so confident about "working" to
keep propped up. If you guys did your job as bad as Bill Gates
and MSFT, I would have fired you long ago. I let my PCs sit in
the OFF position, or was that the Hibernate, or StandBy position,
jeez so many choices, how about making life simple, so you can
have a life. Well I will take the day off and get on my way to the
beach to tan my bony knuckles, and play some games with the
beach bunnies. While you go patch a PC.

This was one of the best posts, funny too.

Posted by: Jonathan Swift
Posted on: August 29, 2005, 5:36 PM PDT
Story: Flaw may hide malicious software
I had to read all the posts to get a feel for what the community
was feeling with this latest news. I find the internet full of
"weather" like we have with hurricanes lately, interesting and
always changing. I realize that the tide is swayed by daily,
weekly mutations of attacks on Windows, its scary that we rely
on this software so much. God help us if there are any "more
mission critical systems" out there than DMV or banking.

AirTraffic, Fire and Police Rescue spark the mind to wonder what the
"real cost" of a Blue Screen of Death really is. I would guess that
there are numerous instances of it happening already in our
world, but its suppressed, or left out of the news. To keep
letting Microsoft "off" with shoddy designs, blatant idea theft,
exclusive bundling, and poor business ethics is bordering on the
"Ford Pinto" debacle, if their past, is any indication of the future. I
think that many IT staff are hamstrung with the fact they use
it, and are required to go along with it, but surely after years they
would have heard, or seen other options besides Windows. I can
see how they can be "codependent" with their career worth as a
patch-master for propping up Microsoft's weaknesses, theres
certainly a future in that for them. Thanks Carl for the many
insightful posts.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger SeaHawk said...

Nice job swifty!
9 rounds in the ring and still going strong at the bell....
I have tried to keep an open mind about this rubbish put out by MS. However, yesterday I was on MSNBC trying to watch a video clip of the disaster in N.O. when a pop up said, the video clip was not supported on my operating system! It didn't tell me to put in windows media player, or real player.. .it said my OPERATING SYSTEM! I couldn't believe it... Oh well, so much for me keeping an open mind. I just tried another site here in the UK. SKY NEWS VIDEO... same result. They say my operating system is not supported! I fired off a pointed (but polite) complaint.


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