Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google & Microsoft want their turn at making news, step aside Apple

News Discussion: Google offers clues to its own Wi-Fi service

This is what I would expect from them, skip Dialup totally

As proof that these guys think ahead, rather than "me too" like
MSFT, they are going after wireless service on a nationwide
scale. It is surely where the money is going to be in a few years,
once Dialup, and wired broadband have made their final push.

The fact that Google has already gotten experience in wireless
with the employee bus they setup with wifi for commuting,
shows they are not one to be taken lightly. These people direct
their energy to places where the pain in computing lies, rather
than where they can make the next fast buck like Microsoft

I wont be surprised if they come out with a truly secure Win32
API knockoff OS that is actually secure enough to use on the
Internet, something MSFT has been loathe to do, since that
would mean that Bill Gates made a mistake when he put the
browser into the OS in the 1st place.

Show us how its done Google, and while youre at it, smack Bill
Gates, and make Steve Ballmer lick your heels.

News Discussion: Google invites 400 to secret event

All that I have seen, makes me believe in All I have not yet seen

For a company that is rolling fast and tight lipped, this is par for
the course, why would they want to open the playbook for the
loose lipped journalists, until game day. The fact that Microsoft
is losing sleep over Google is reason enough to not allow all
comers to write and rumor-mong the web, you know that this
company is hands-down the best hope we have of stomping on
the lackluster greedy geeks of Redmond.

If they have a desire to not tell all, prior to the meeting, then isnt
that their right to choose? After all they are the ones with the
good ideas, and the money, and "stones" to go up against the
status quo, like cutting off ZDnet and CNET stories. I for one do
not feel the media is a truth telling bunch, more often they seek
self aggrandisement by acting as though they discovered a
story, when all they did was fabricate one.

I have had my technical experiences personally misquoted and
bastardized by the Wall Street Journal, so much that the actual
events in that story were not only wrong, they were outright lies.
I wouldnt trust a web journalist any further than a wifi link back
to an access point, they are not telling news, they are "making"

I certainly hope Google has something great to share with all
those honchos in attendance, there will be a lot of "high dollar
brainpower" at that meeting, it will be interesting to see what
comes of it.


I always wondered who to thank for IE 4.0 borking Windows 95A B

Posted by: Jack Sprat

Story: Allchin legacy seen in Windows

It was about 1997 that the email from Jim Allchin showed up on
Bill Gates desk, and thereabout IE 4.0 was rendering upgrades to
Windows 95A & B poorly or worse, most were reformatted. It was
the beginning of the second forced upgrade to windows 98, as it
had IE 4.0 in the shell natively.

Jims help in the decision to cut off other OS support in IE, and to
further sink the browser into the Windows OS is the lagacy
(lagacy-thats a new word) of Jim Allchin.

So now you know who else to thank for the brilliant idea of
mashing the browser into the OS, clogging the internet arteries
with bots, and further serving ads and traffic we dont need.

it would have been nice for someone to get the early bright idea,
that....Gee, we are hooking up to the whole unknown world, I bet
we ought to check it out carefully?

Nope, now they have opened pandoras box, they musta said
shoot first ask questions later.........

Humm,?! Sounds better than Vista, Windows Pandora.




News Discussion: And now, without further adieu: the Google PC

TalkBack 36 of 38:

This couldnt happen too soon, turn off Windows

The sooner the Windows Registry would dry up and blow away,
the sooner we could get some work done. It might be nice to
have a 'puter all to one's self, but lets keep it off the network, at
the rate Windows keeps polluting the Internet it wont be long til
we have to hire BFI to come around and scoop up dead PCs at
the doorstep.

Something in the saying Hasta la Vista brings joy to my mind,
and probably a death knell to MSFT and the continued FAT client
mantra they cant seem to kick. These guys cant innovate
themselves out of a wet paper bag, much less give the world a
new computing paradigm; time to bring in the Think Different
crowd, someone who can actually shake up the industry with
profound thinking, rather than more "me too" windows, IM, CRM,
VOIP & other copycat software turds to step in.

Innovation is dead in Redmond, its about time for Google,
Apple, Oracle, (funny they all end in "le") to bring us some fresh
ideas, or at least reconstitute the Client-Server, Green screens of
yesterday, you know, the ones that worked 24/7, bland but
efficient. For our work systems, thats all one really needs

Posted on: 09/20/05


Thursday, September 15, 2005

David Filo from Yahoo does good deed, MSFT does NOT

David Filo is right on, note Open Source Kiosks, but FEMA uses IE, duh!

Posted by: Jack Sprat
Posted on: September 15, 2005, 5:42 PM PDT

Story: Yahoo founder takes personal interest in locating Katrina victims

The idea of a storm focused search engine thats tweaked to help
victims is a great place for David Filo to make a mark for Yahoo
in this time of need. I went to High School with him in LA, his
whole family is a group of bright and helpful people, this seems
like a genuine gesture of goodwill.

I also recently got hold of a Web Kiosk Linux distro that you can
download and burn to a bootable CD for PCs, it goes right to a
helpful page of links for survivors etc to find help.

Typical of the lack of web standards, and Microsoft high-jacking
the Internet, the Kiosk does not interface with the FEMA
assistance site; the Governemt in its infinite wisdom, went with
Microsoft Internet Explorer ONLY technology, letting Microsoft
sideline the web for the good of all.

Shortly after this event has stabilized it would be good to haul
MSFT back to court and exact some money, fines and
adjustments to the browser, their attempt to OWN the Internet
has grown way out of proportion. We can only hope a typhoon
comes over Redmond and impacts them, then they can
understand what OPEN ACCESS really means.

Thank you David Filo for stepping up to the plate and helping
others, they appreciate it I am sure.

CNET Macintosh & Windows notebook forum

Everyone has opinions, & "hineys", Macs are better than PCs

If you go to www.apple.com/education you can find lower cost student deals including a Red Tag sale area in the Student Online store at Apple, often saving up to 40% off. The iBook will run at least 4 hours, and a Powerbook at least 3.25 hours on a charge, and there are longer life high capacity batteries available.

The centerpiece of this discussion is really about 2 things, how much money you can spend, and how much time you have to waste. Macintosh OS X Tiger is so different than prior Mac OS X systems, and leaps and bounds better than Windows XP that you will find you actually get more done on a Mac. a PC will have you doing spyware killer updates, DLL & Registry fixes, virus repair and monthly Microsoft Critical updates that the Mac users really dont need to bother with EVER.

I have sold and supported Windows and Macintosh for over 12 years, the number of problems on Windows is absolutley higher, more time consuming and full of new Microsoft gotchas, as they try to force users thru an upgrade path that is based on them making money and You spending more time & $, the real goal of Windows is to be like a Mac OS X system, but they are years behind in that regard.

The level of integration and ease of use, reliability, and form and function is hands-down better on Apple, you really do get what you pay for. I know everyone has an opinion, we all have "butts" too, but the XP system will never be the level of quality that OS X is, Microsoft just does not work that way. MSFT is a least common denominator product, whats good for the masses must be good enough for you too, that is how MSFT works, and upgrades.

Apple on the other hand is an "experience" company....they make sure that the Apple product gets out of the way of your creativity, and the OS is not the centerpiece of the system, the user IS. Windows is nothing like this in that regard, it is a true co-dependent relationshop, requiring numerous nights and weekends to maintain it.

You might spend more $ on a Mac up front, but it will be the last money you have to spend on babying the system. Windows will keep "milking" you for years to come.

As for the next Apple OS X upgrade, Leopard, it will be out next year, ahead of Vista, and will be better still. Vista will be trying to catch up to Tiger, by then Apple will have raised the bar again, Vista is a follower, it is not a leader, and right now Vista is nearly vaporware.

I suggest you go look at Apples, ask people who own them, and if possible compare them side-by-side. The video, battery life, weight, ease of using the keyboard, drives etc will all be clearly evident when you can touch them both.

In summary, a Windows XP system is a "computer" whereas the Apple Macintosh is an "instrument", it really is a precision product that is built to help a user be more productive beginning from the out of box experience, you will be pleased with Apple, and the numerous applications such as iLife and MS Office for Mac, there is nearly every feature you will need in OS X.

And dont blind yourself with the Intel, Mac switch on processors...if you wait to buy one til then, you will miss a lot of great things you can be doing while the markets finally shift, and you dont really want to be buying the first version of any Man-made product no matter who makes it, Apple, Intel or Microsoft. Thus Vista will be a chance to place your bets. OS X Tiger is truly the best OS for your needs. Go with Apple.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

windows Mista, they really dont get it, other than your $$$

True to form, MSFT takes a simple idea, and BLOWS it again. All the windows users of the world unite when saying how common it is in businesses, noting the interoperability. Thats all "well and good" except that the great corporate OS is the absolute BIGGEST RISK, to corporate and private users Worldwide, its a piece of Junk for web use. NO, MSFT missed the chance to do what they should have done from the start.

Bill Gates, unable to grasp the concept of "the road ahead" early in the game, got caught with his pants down by Netscape. So rather than give his customers something new, and REALLY improved, he just bastardized windows by mashing in IE. He did not care about his users, the corporations, or their data.....he wanted to cut off Netscape's air supply...period. In so doing,, IE opened ALL the great business software interoperability "hooks" and left us NONE of the security it sorely needed.

Customers be damned, full speed ahead....and the world has been paying for it ever since. Oh sure, you got a web browser in Windows, but why couldnt it be ON windows, not in it? Well because "smart Bill" hahaha couldnt see the web coming, and he couldnt see the risks of opening the OS to the web. Now you get to spend the next 10+ years, cleaning up after him, while he spends it counting "YOUR" money. He is worth $50 billion, that is about what the virus, spyware, and patch labor cost businesses last year.

So to make my point: they had a chance now to build a truly new, and secure OS, maybe they call it Vista; make it small, tight, useful, and faster...by tossing out the lame amalgamation of consumer garbage they keep bundling in.

Could they do this, think outside the box, give us what we need....a small, fast OS that "works" rather than a bloated code morass that keeps clogging the internet and emptying wallets. Nope, they just keep piling it on, and we know what they're piling up dont we? crap.

It wouldve been best to build a Windows "slim" so it had no IE, no MediaPlayer, no IM, no Passport, just the business essentials. Then fragment and cater to the market's tastes, offering Add-on packs to give users the functionality they want to merge onto windows.

They couldnt do that for 2 reasons:

1. they dont think like that, and would never admit their mistake of "bundling" the browser into the OS.

2. The merging of the business and consumer code base of Windows 2000, or XP, was their goal to reduce costs and disparate OS pieces, making it better for them, but worse for the users.

You see consumer and corporations have totally different needs, and security concerns. A Company cannot afford to allow their information to escape, whereas an unknowing consumer is less likely at risk, other things being equal. Instead, we still have IE, mashed into the OS, and now we have 7 versions of Vista, none of which is really the secure OS, that does NOT have the web framework open for hacking underneath.

It would serve the market and MSFT much better had they really innovated...simplified, improved the OS by adding stability. Putting more "cards" on top of the already shaky cards that are up, is no way to build a new OS. But my breath is wasted on the dim witted, unknowing mass of users who will "flock" or whatever lemmings do, when they run out to buy the next windows, only to find it is just as much a tossed salad as it ever was, and it needs a few more "bolt-on" security components made by other manufacturers to try to keep the pests out.

Nothing like building it for the long haul.

If MSFT had made bridges, airplanes, buildings, cars, or some sort of real, tangible product, many users would have long ago realized they bought a cheapo imitation, after seeing it fall apart on the web.

But since many cant begin to understand proper software coding, and security practices, you keep buying the Winblows OS that works like a Ford Pinto "fireball", or the Firestone "maypop", when what we really needed was the J&J Tylenol "tainted" product pull, and rethinking their strategy.

If you dont understand, I cant explain it to you any better....the OS was not built for the user, it was built for MSFT to make more $$ at your expense.....get used to paying for the true definition of "slack" ware... should be called MSFT Mista. They Missed-a chance to do the right thing and make it secure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Little more Fire: September observations on Tech

Steve, Bill, and Patsy

Story: Microsoft to release fixes for Windows flaws

Windows is JUNK. I use it weekly, turn it off and on daily, and
listen to my users tell me how much trouble they
have...wondering what they can do? I tell them to buy a Mac and
learn there is a better way. It is truly amazing when I hear some
of them finally gave up the futility to keep windows, and they
got a Mac, they are pleasantly shocked at how much better Mac
is. Then they get the same "religion" that other PC users
complain that Mac people have.....it is because they find out how
all along they had been unknowingly going along with the
masses, without the M.

A windows user, er loser, will swear his junk is OK, to make
himself feel better in his ignorant decision to keep patching and
lying. It suits them just fine to be part of the largest
unproductive group of people who must prop up the "house of
cards" once again.....its never gonna end, let them wallow in
ignorance, it has to be that way, you see Bill, and Steves plan
relies on Patsy too.

We holler to the evacuees, grab the lifeline, but to no avail

Story: Microsoft to release fixes for Windows flaws

You cant rescue the lost and deaf, if they just dont want to be
helped. It is merely human nature to try to save someone from
undue hassle, losses, and strife, at least in a natural, non-
business mind. It would be better if those Mac users were able
to actually gain something by telling others about Macs, but they
dont get one dime, or any gratitude, until a PC user comes to
own a Mac and then they are offered thanks and it finally pays

The feeling one has when they rescue a lost pup, or wounded
bird is what a Mac person feels when he is told "Thank you" by
the recovered windows dude that has been brought to safety. It
cant be described in a better way than that, humanitarian aid.

In an "intervention" the drunk, drugged people will swear that
everyone is just nosing into the life of a smart, determined,
successful individual, although they are the ones who are
getting damaged. The tech environment is a true eco-system,
we all have to "pay" for the choices each makes, and everyone
has to pay for the sloppy windows programming, security risks,
and misguided groups that have windows.

Not a day goes by that a bank, call canter, airline, oil company,
insurance or financial services firm, and especially the
government is not hampered by the errant use of a "hole" in
windows that causes a delay, loss, theft, or misuse of our data
and time.

It is something WE all pay for, so while we try to get the kids off
crack, and we also try to get the PC users "on track", its just a
good natured thing to do, no matter how much it angers those
who think they are OK. Not because we are superior, just that we
discovered an answer and want to share it...plain and simple.

Summary, an Eco-system has all things, but the mix can be fixed

Story: Microsoft to release fixes for Windows flaws

I hear you. When considering how there is a lot of work and
infrastructure that runs on windows, so be it, it must stay that
way, in some cases.

It is my proposal, albeit rather strongly worded, that adding in
the use of Macs would serve to improve your daily use of time
and resources for better jobs, other than patching ANOTHER
windows issue, you know they are going to continue.

As much as there are die-hard windows users, there are surely
the same in Unix, Mac, Linux, IBM etc camps, the world over. It
is not a supremacy thing, its really not; I put it more along the
lines of educating and exposing something worthwhile. There
might be a constant rant in my posts, to be sure, but it is no
more common, than as a counter to the daily news that a
company like MSFT makes, and I can be their devils advocate,
pardon the pun.

I use windows, I use Mac, & Linux; I also have a car, and a truck,
and even a tractor. That really is the most fair, and humanly
centered comparison to daily life that computer OS's can have
for this discussion. I find utility in all of them, none of which the
other can match in this idea. So when I hear that people are
using "trucks" like windows, to do the daily run to the store, Dr,
bank, newstand, or cross country, I wonder how come they dont
get a smoother car, and Mac Out, to "enjoy" doing something,
rather than fixing the truck first.

This is my biggest gripe about my PCs, its a codependent
relationship, with an seemingly abusive mate, who promises
they will clean up their act, and be faithful, only to KEEP showing
me they have not really changed. Soon we are chasing our tails,
in circles, doing the monthly patch, when we could be having
time for other things. A Mac can give you that time, especially
when used online where windows trucks hit potholes, and the
Mac cars just slide on by. Hope that helps.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sept. observations on Microsoft, How can I resist?

Here we go again, strangle markets, ignore Windows flaws

Story: New Microsoft package targets Intuit

This company is wildly out of control, doing anything, anytime,
to anyone, anywhere, for any reason, or none at all. There needs
to be another monopoly suit brought against them, maybe by
China or India, and Canada, and then the US can wise up and go
after them and this time prevail.

Windows is brokenware, it has been on the scrapheap of
innovation for over 5 years. It was in its heyday when 95 came
out, after the IE browser was mashed(integrated) in the OS, its
been downhill ever since.

While MSFT carves up new markets that are the last stand for
many poor company's, it leaves their ISV's to not only compete
against each other, but also big Momma Microsoft for their
customer dollars, talk about eating your young. How considerate
of them, roll over the world, at your leisure.

And how strange it is that there are so many "patsys" that fall
right over for them, even making excuses and apologies, and
fantasy proclamations about how good they are. It is absolute
heresy to allow this group to evade responsibility for their
negligence and substandard software, while at the same time
letting them invade new areas that are clearly well covered with
superior products.

Especially software that handles finances; this is something I
would be loathe to ever give them my personal or business
information in any form. MS Passport was intrusion enough
while it lasted, the new levels of infiltration, labeled as
integration that they propose with other apps is useless for
most, and a weakness of the highest order for all who go there.
The whole country pays daily for every delay, repair, reboot,
update, restore, and security break they allow in Windows, its
time for a class-action suit from consumers to recover losses of
billions of $$$. Sayonnara to Small Biz server, accounting, or
whatever it was they want to name it, just call it expensive JUNK.

Yea, they should go to court, they have nothing better to do

Story: Courtroom showdown for Microsoft and Google

Instead of FIXING WINDOWS and focusing on the crud they have
smeared across the earth with IE, they ignore this GROSS flaw-
ware known as XP, and go sue Google in court. Heaven forbid
that other products and companies are better than they are, they
will get in those markets and crud them up too.

I expect they will lose the case, knowing the scope of a total
China NDA, and noncompete is far to large a landmass to cover.
What would be good is if Lee just hightailed back to China and
went to work for himself there, selling his brains to Google. That
would conveniently sidestep all this USA based baloney of a
court case.

Gates tactic here is not really about the theft of ideas, as much
as it is to tie Google up "on the ropes" of the court, and burn up
some of the goodwill they have, just like he learned as MSFT
stock has been beaten down to levels that more closely resemble
their skills and quality. Hopefully the judge will have the
foresight and "stones" to rule in Google's favor.



When the Generals at MSFT start to make mistakes, they blame the little guys. Cussing out your employees is not a given right just because you have over a billion dollars. The lack of precision, humanity, class, and morals is going to take Bill and Steve into the toilet with their poor ethics, and potty mouths. The days of MSFT being number one are about to be over....they cannot sustain progress by intimidation, this is not the era of Napolean, or Attilla the Hun. People in China are ripping off MSFT because they KNOW MSFT ripped off everyone to get where they are, the Chinese are no dummies, they are gonna give MSFT back what it gives.

The saying, what goes around...comes around, speaks volumes about where this company is headed. I for one will help them down as often as I can. Ill-gotten gains, by classless businessmen is a standard I cannot subscribe to, nor should anyone who makes big decisions about software in the USA. Its time to help take MSFT down about 10 pegs. While the rest of the world and economy has troubles with higher business, worker & healthcare costs, Bill Gates thinks he can squeeze a few more dollars out of our pockets, so they can claim profits of more than $1 billion a month, something is wrong with this picture. And to add insult to injury, every week Windows is found to be insecure again, and all we get is "lip service" from a spokesperson who neither admits nor denies it. Meanwhile they dont fix, or rewrite the OS from scratch.

No, they enter new markets: Games, Online, Search, Phones, chat, anything to keep them spreading like a virus on the earth, a true parasite. Buying Macintosh, using Linux, and giving away XP are sure to help put a dent in their flawed logic and attitude. I hope they lose big time.

Simpler to get, simpler to give away. Save the costs of doing business with Microsoft products, the only company that gets more profit is them, your company is meanwhile muddled in upgrade hassles, file incompatibility, and insecure Internet access technology that makes you more vulnerable to data and identity theft.

The list of features that are harmful to your business, and the economy, are not mentioned in Steve Ballmer's notes. Just hot air, from a Procter & Gamble-ized "new and improved" promise that will merely choke the worlds businesses out of more money and man-hours, while MSFT tries to strangle another sector, company, or great idea.

The best thing you can do is short MSFT stock with the money you wouldve spent on their software, and instead buy some Linux systems for a much lower cost, bringing TCO in line, and letting your money work for you, rather than having to work for the money, and the poorly built software MSFT sells for too high a cost.

They still have not learned how to listen to the customer or the market, we want secure, easy to use software, without the constant barrage of enticements to join MSN, Hotmail, or get a Passport. Do not buy windows, give it away and turn to Macintosh or Linux, you will find it is the best decision you will ever make. There are thousands of users who can attest to this, and all they can say is "why didnt we do this move off MSFT sooner" Amen.

Posted by: JSO at September 7, 2005 01:50 PM

Fast Company Rants and Raves

I moved my family, myself, and many of my clients to a new operating system, Macintosh OS X, it has been the best move we have ever made in regards to computers. We had been using several types of Microsoft Windows thru several years, upgrading and patching them weekly, and monthly, but things just never seemed to stabilize, always a new feature, security risk, or virus.

We wondered how anyone could get any work done without constantly "babying" Windows. I would have to label windows as one of the most time consuming software systems, needing constant attention, upgrades and expense that are not necessary on the Apple systems we now use. It has been a blessing to find the Apple systems are more reliable, easier to use, easier to fix and update, and that they carry none of the security weaknesses that daily plague consumers and businesses the world over.

It would be great if more users would turn away from Microsoft, then we might find that we will hear less of the call center employee saying "please wait a moment, my system is slow and I need to reboot it". What a waste of time and money windows was, I am glad to be done with it, you should try Apple too. www.itvelociti.com