Thursday, September 15, 2005

CNET Macintosh & Windows notebook forum

Everyone has opinions, & "hineys", Macs are better than PCs

If you go to you can find lower cost student deals including a Red Tag sale area in the Student Online store at Apple, often saving up to 40% off. The iBook will run at least 4 hours, and a Powerbook at least 3.25 hours on a charge, and there are longer life high capacity batteries available.

The centerpiece of this discussion is really about 2 things, how much money you can spend, and how much time you have to waste. Macintosh OS X Tiger is so different than prior Mac OS X systems, and leaps and bounds better than Windows XP that you will find you actually get more done on a Mac. a PC will have you doing spyware killer updates, DLL & Registry fixes, virus repair and monthly Microsoft Critical updates that the Mac users really dont need to bother with EVER.

I have sold and supported Windows and Macintosh for over 12 years, the number of problems on Windows is absolutley higher, more time consuming and full of new Microsoft gotchas, as they try to force users thru an upgrade path that is based on them making money and You spending more time & $, the real goal of Windows is to be like a Mac OS X system, but they are years behind in that regard.

The level of integration and ease of use, reliability, and form and function is hands-down better on Apple, you really do get what you pay for. I know everyone has an opinion, we all have "butts" too, but the XP system will never be the level of quality that OS X is, Microsoft just does not work that way. MSFT is a least common denominator product, whats good for the masses must be good enough for you too, that is how MSFT works, and upgrades.

Apple on the other hand is an "experience" company....they make sure that the Apple product gets out of the way of your creativity, and the OS is not the centerpiece of the system, the user IS. Windows is nothing like this in that regard, it is a true co-dependent relationshop, requiring numerous nights and weekends to maintain it.

You might spend more $ on a Mac up front, but it will be the last money you have to spend on babying the system. Windows will keep "milking" you for years to come.

As for the next Apple OS X upgrade, Leopard, it will be out next year, ahead of Vista, and will be better still. Vista will be trying to catch up to Tiger, by then Apple will have raised the bar again, Vista is a follower, it is not a leader, and right now Vista is nearly vaporware.

I suggest you go look at Apples, ask people who own them, and if possible compare them side-by-side. The video, battery life, weight, ease of using the keyboard, drives etc will all be clearly evident when you can touch them both.

In summary, a Windows XP system is a "computer" whereas the Apple Macintosh is an "instrument", it really is a precision product that is built to help a user be more productive beginning from the out of box experience, you will be pleased with Apple, and the numerous applications such as iLife and MS Office for Mac, there is nearly every feature you will need in OS X.

And dont blind yourself with the Intel, Mac switch on processors...if you wait to buy one til then, you will miss a lot of great things you can be doing while the markets finally shift, and you dont really want to be buying the first version of any Man-made product no matter who makes it, Apple, Intel or Microsoft. Thus Vista will be a chance to place your bets. OS X Tiger is truly the best OS for your needs. Go with Apple.


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