Thursday, September 15, 2005

David Filo from Yahoo does good deed, MSFT does NOT

David Filo is right on, note Open Source Kiosks, but FEMA uses IE, duh!

Posted by: Jack Sprat
Posted on: September 15, 2005, 5:42 PM PDT

Story: Yahoo founder takes personal interest in locating Katrina victims

The idea of a storm focused search engine thats tweaked to help
victims is a great place for David Filo to make a mark for Yahoo
in this time of need. I went to High School with him in LA, his
whole family is a group of bright and helpful people, this seems
like a genuine gesture of goodwill.

I also recently got hold of a Web Kiosk Linux distro that you can
download and burn to a bootable CD for PCs, it goes right to a
helpful page of links for survivors etc to find help.

Typical of the lack of web standards, and Microsoft high-jacking
the Internet, the Kiosk does not interface with the FEMA
assistance site; the Governemt in its infinite wisdom, went with
Microsoft Internet Explorer ONLY technology, letting Microsoft
sideline the web for the good of all.

Shortly after this event has stabilized it would be good to haul
MSFT back to court and exact some money, fines and
adjustments to the browser, their attempt to OWN the Internet
has grown way out of proportion. We can only hope a typhoon
comes over Redmond and impacts them, then they can
understand what OPEN ACCESS really means.

Thank you David Filo for stepping up to the plate and helping
others, they appreciate it I am sure.


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