Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google & Microsoft want their turn at making news, step aside Apple

News Discussion: Google offers clues to its own Wi-Fi service

This is what I would expect from them, skip Dialup totally

As proof that these guys think ahead, rather than "me too" like
MSFT, they are going after wireless service on a nationwide
scale. It is surely where the money is going to be in a few years,
once Dialup, and wired broadband have made their final push.

The fact that Google has already gotten experience in wireless
with the employee bus they setup with wifi for commuting,
shows they are not one to be taken lightly. These people direct
their energy to places where the pain in computing lies, rather
than where they can make the next fast buck like Microsoft

I wont be surprised if they come out with a truly secure Win32
API knockoff OS that is actually secure enough to use on the
Internet, something MSFT has been loathe to do, since that
would mean that Bill Gates made a mistake when he put the
browser into the OS in the 1st place.

Show us how its done Google, and while youre at it, smack Bill
Gates, and make Steve Ballmer lick your heels.

News Discussion: Google invites 400 to secret event

All that I have seen, makes me believe in All I have not yet seen

For a company that is rolling fast and tight lipped, this is par for
the course, why would they want to open the playbook for the
loose lipped journalists, until game day. The fact that Microsoft
is losing sleep over Google is reason enough to not allow all
comers to write and rumor-mong the web, you know that this
company is hands-down the best hope we have of stomping on
the lackluster greedy geeks of Redmond.

If they have a desire to not tell all, prior to the meeting, then isnt
that their right to choose? After all they are the ones with the
good ideas, and the money, and "stones" to go up against the
status quo, like cutting off ZDnet and CNET stories. I for one do
not feel the media is a truth telling bunch, more often they seek
self aggrandisement by acting as though they discovered a
story, when all they did was fabricate one.

I have had my technical experiences personally misquoted and
bastardized by the Wall Street Journal, so much that the actual
events in that story were not only wrong, they were outright lies.
I wouldnt trust a web journalist any further than a wifi link back
to an access point, they are not telling news, they are "making"

I certainly hope Google has something great to share with all
those honchos in attendance, there will be a lot of "high dollar
brainpower" at that meeting, it will be interesting to see what
comes of it.


I always wondered who to thank for IE 4.0 borking Windows 95A B

Posted by: Jack Sprat

Story: Allchin legacy seen in Windows

It was about 1997 that the email from Jim Allchin showed up on
Bill Gates desk, and thereabout IE 4.0 was rendering upgrades to
Windows 95A & B poorly or worse, most were reformatted. It was
the beginning of the second forced upgrade to windows 98, as it
had IE 4.0 in the shell natively.

Jims help in the decision to cut off other OS support in IE, and to
further sink the browser into the Windows OS is the lagacy
(lagacy-thats a new word) of Jim Allchin.

So now you know who else to thank for the brilliant idea of
mashing the browser into the OS, clogging the internet arteries
with bots, and further serving ads and traffic we dont need.

it would have been nice for someone to get the early bright idea,
that....Gee, we are hooking up to the whole unknown world, I bet
we ought to check it out carefully?

Nope, now they have opened pandoras box, they musta said
shoot first ask questions later.........

Humm,?! Sounds better than Vista, Windows Pandora.




News Discussion: And now, without further adieu: the Google PC

TalkBack 36 of 38:

This couldnt happen too soon, turn off Windows

The sooner the Windows Registry would dry up and blow away,
the sooner we could get some work done. It might be nice to
have a 'puter all to one's self, but lets keep it off the network, at
the rate Windows keeps polluting the Internet it wont be long til
we have to hire BFI to come around and scoop up dead PCs at
the doorstep.

Something in the saying Hasta la Vista brings joy to my mind,
and probably a death knell to MSFT and the continued FAT client
mantra they cant seem to kick. These guys cant innovate
themselves out of a wet paper bag, much less give the world a
new computing paradigm; time to bring in the Think Different
crowd, someone who can actually shake up the industry with
profound thinking, rather than more "me too" windows, IM, CRM,
VOIP & other copycat software turds to step in.

Innovation is dead in Redmond, its about time for Google,
Apple, Oracle, (funny they all end in "le") to bring us some fresh
ideas, or at least reconstitute the Client-Server, Green screens of
yesterday, you know, the ones that worked 24/7, bland but
efficient. For our work systems, thats all one really needs

Posted on: 09/20/05



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