Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Little more Fire: September observations on Tech

Steve, Bill, and Patsy

Story: Microsoft to release fixes for Windows flaws

Windows is JUNK. I use it weekly, turn it off and on daily, and
listen to my users tell me how much trouble they
have...wondering what they can do? I tell them to buy a Mac and
learn there is a better way. It is truly amazing when I hear some
of them finally gave up the futility to keep windows, and they
got a Mac, they are pleasantly shocked at how much better Mac
is. Then they get the same "religion" that other PC users
complain that Mac people have.....it is because they find out how
all along they had been unknowingly going along with the
masses, without the M.

A windows user, er loser, will swear his junk is OK, to make
himself feel better in his ignorant decision to keep patching and
lying. It suits them just fine to be part of the largest
unproductive group of people who must prop up the "house of
cards" once again.....its never gonna end, let them wallow in
ignorance, it has to be that way, you see Bill, and Steves plan
relies on Patsy too.

We holler to the evacuees, grab the lifeline, but to no avail

Story: Microsoft to release fixes for Windows flaws

You cant rescue the lost and deaf, if they just dont want to be
helped. It is merely human nature to try to save someone from
undue hassle, losses, and strife, at least in a natural, non-
business mind. It would be better if those Mac users were able
to actually gain something by telling others about Macs, but they
dont get one dime, or any gratitude, until a PC user comes to
own a Mac and then they are offered thanks and it finally pays

The feeling one has when they rescue a lost pup, or wounded
bird is what a Mac person feels when he is told "Thank you" by
the recovered windows dude that has been brought to safety. It
cant be described in a better way than that, humanitarian aid.

In an "intervention" the drunk, drugged people will swear that
everyone is just nosing into the life of a smart, determined,
successful individual, although they are the ones who are
getting damaged. The tech environment is a true eco-system,
we all have to "pay" for the choices each makes, and everyone
has to pay for the sloppy windows programming, security risks,
and misguided groups that have windows.

Not a day goes by that a bank, call canter, airline, oil company,
insurance or financial services firm, and especially the
government is not hampered by the errant use of a "hole" in
windows that causes a delay, loss, theft, or misuse of our data
and time.

It is something WE all pay for, so while we try to get the kids off
crack, and we also try to get the PC users "on track", its just a
good natured thing to do, no matter how much it angers those
who think they are OK. Not because we are superior, just that we
discovered an answer and want to share it...plain and simple.

Summary, an Eco-system has all things, but the mix can be fixed

Story: Microsoft to release fixes for Windows flaws

I hear you. When considering how there is a lot of work and
infrastructure that runs on windows, so be it, it must stay that
way, in some cases.

It is my proposal, albeit rather strongly worded, that adding in
the use of Macs would serve to improve your daily use of time
and resources for better jobs, other than patching ANOTHER
windows issue, you know they are going to continue.

As much as there are die-hard windows users, there are surely
the same in Unix, Mac, Linux, IBM etc camps, the world over. It
is not a supremacy thing, its really not; I put it more along the
lines of educating and exposing something worthwhile. There
might be a constant rant in my posts, to be sure, but it is no
more common, than as a counter to the daily news that a
company like MSFT makes, and I can be their devils advocate,
pardon the pun.

I use windows, I use Mac, & Linux; I also have a car, and a truck,
and even a tractor. That really is the most fair, and humanly
centered comparison to daily life that computer OS's can have
for this discussion. I find utility in all of them, none of which the
other can match in this idea. So when I hear that people are
using "trucks" like windows, to do the daily run to the store, Dr,
bank, newstand, or cross country, I wonder how come they dont
get a smoother car, and Mac Out, to "enjoy" doing something,
rather than fixing the truck first.

This is my biggest gripe about my PCs, its a codependent
relationship, with an seemingly abusive mate, who promises
they will clean up their act, and be faithful, only to KEEP showing
me they have not really changed. Soon we are chasing our tails,
in circles, doing the monthly patch, when we could be having
time for other things. A Mac can give you that time, especially
when used online where windows trucks hit potholes, and the
Mac cars just slide on by. Hope that helps.


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