Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sept. observations on Microsoft, How can I resist?

Here we go again, strangle markets, ignore Windows flaws

Story: New Microsoft package targets Intuit

This company is wildly out of control, doing anything, anytime,
to anyone, anywhere, for any reason, or none at all. There needs
to be another monopoly suit brought against them, maybe by
China or India, and Canada, and then the US can wise up and go
after them and this time prevail.

Windows is brokenware, it has been on the scrapheap of
innovation for over 5 years. It was in its heyday when 95 came
out, after the IE browser was mashed(integrated) in the OS, its
been downhill ever since.

While MSFT carves up new markets that are the last stand for
many poor company's, it leaves their ISV's to not only compete
against each other, but also big Momma Microsoft for their
customer dollars, talk about eating your young. How considerate
of them, roll over the world, at your leisure.

And how strange it is that there are so many "patsys" that fall
right over for them, even making excuses and apologies, and
fantasy proclamations about how good they are. It is absolute
heresy to allow this group to evade responsibility for their
negligence and substandard software, while at the same time
letting them invade new areas that are clearly well covered with
superior products.

Especially software that handles finances; this is something I
would be loathe to ever give them my personal or business
information in any form. MS Passport was intrusion enough
while it lasted, the new levels of infiltration, labeled as
integration that they propose with other apps is useless for
most, and a weakness of the highest order for all who go there.
The whole country pays daily for every delay, repair, reboot,
update, restore, and security break they allow in Windows, its
time for a class-action suit from consumers to recover losses of
billions of $$$. Sayonnara to Small Biz server, accounting, or
whatever it was they want to name it, just call it expensive JUNK.

Yea, they should go to court, they have nothing better to do

Story: Courtroom showdown for Microsoft and Google

Instead of FIXING WINDOWS and focusing on the crud they have
smeared across the earth with IE, they ignore this GROSS flaw-
ware known as XP, and go sue Google in court. Heaven forbid
that other products and companies are better than they are, they
will get in those markets and crud them up too.

I expect they will lose the case, knowing the scope of a total
China NDA, and noncompete is far to large a landmass to cover.
What would be good is if Lee just hightailed back to China and
went to work for himself there, selling his brains to Google. That
would conveniently sidestep all this USA based baloney of a
court case.

Gates tactic here is not really about the theft of ideas, as much
as it is to tie Google up "on the ropes" of the court, and burn up
some of the goodwill they have, just like he learned as MSFT
stock has been beaten down to levels that more closely resemble
their skills and quality. Hopefully the judge will have the
foresight and "stones" to rule in Google's favor.


When the Generals at MSFT start to make mistakes, they blame the little guys. Cussing out your employees is not a given right just because you have over a billion dollars. The lack of precision, humanity, class, and morals is going to take Bill and Steve into the toilet with their poor ethics, and potty mouths. The days of MSFT being number one are about to be over....they cannot sustain progress by intimidation, this is not the era of Napolean, or Attilla the Hun. People in China are ripping off MSFT because they KNOW MSFT ripped off everyone to get where they are, the Chinese are no dummies, they are gonna give MSFT back what it gives.

The saying, what goes around...comes around, speaks volumes about where this company is headed. I for one will help them down as often as I can. Ill-gotten gains, by classless businessmen is a standard I cannot subscribe to, nor should anyone who makes big decisions about software in the USA. Its time to help take MSFT down about 10 pegs. While the rest of the world and economy has troubles with higher business, worker & healthcare costs, Bill Gates thinks he can squeeze a few more dollars out of our pockets, so they can claim profits of more than $1 billion a month, something is wrong with this picture. And to add insult to injury, every week Windows is found to be insecure again, and all we get is "lip service" from a spokesperson who neither admits nor denies it. Meanwhile they dont fix, or rewrite the OS from scratch.

No, they enter new markets: Games, Online, Search, Phones, chat, anything to keep them spreading like a virus on the earth, a true parasite. Buying Macintosh, using Linux, and giving away XP are sure to help put a dent in their flawed logic and attitude. I hope they lose big time.

Simpler to get, simpler to give away. Save the costs of doing business with Microsoft products, the only company that gets more profit is them, your company is meanwhile muddled in upgrade hassles, file incompatibility, and insecure Internet access technology that makes you more vulnerable to data and identity theft.

The list of features that are harmful to your business, and the economy, are not mentioned in Steve Ballmer's notes. Just hot air, from a Procter & Gamble-ized "new and improved" promise that will merely choke the worlds businesses out of more money and man-hours, while MSFT tries to strangle another sector, company, or great idea.

The best thing you can do is short MSFT stock with the money you wouldve spent on their software, and instead buy some Linux systems for a much lower cost, bringing TCO in line, and letting your money work for you, rather than having to work for the money, and the poorly built software MSFT sells for too high a cost.

They still have not learned how to listen to the customer or the market, we want secure, easy to use software, without the constant barrage of enticements to join MSN, Hotmail, or get a Passport. Do not buy windows, give it away and turn to Macintosh or Linux, you will find it is the best decision you will ever make. There are thousands of users who can attest to this, and all they can say is "why didnt we do this move off MSFT sooner" Amen.

Posted by: JSO at September 7, 2005 01:50 PM

Fast Company Rants and Raves

I moved my family, myself, and many of my clients to a new operating system, Macintosh OS X, it has been the best move we have ever made in regards to computers. We had been using several types of Microsoft Windows thru several years, upgrading and patching them weekly, and monthly, but things just never seemed to stabilize, always a new feature, security risk, or virus.

We wondered how anyone could get any work done without constantly "babying" Windows. I would have to label windows as one of the most time consuming software systems, needing constant attention, upgrades and expense that are not necessary on the Apple systems we now use. It has been a blessing to find the Apple systems are more reliable, easier to use, easier to fix and update, and that they carry none of the security weaknesses that daily plague consumers and businesses the world over.

It would be great if more users would turn away from Microsoft, then we might find that we will hear less of the call center employee saying "please wait a moment, my system is slow and I need to reboot it". What a waste of time and money windows was, I am glad to be done with it, you should try Apple too.


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