Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google is Laying Golden Eggs while MS is laying WMF mines

Beta Products or Not, they make Information FREELY available

Reader post by: Jack Sprat
Posted on: January 12, 2006, 7:54 AM PST

Story: A surprising bear on Google

The Gist of Googles success is turning the Advertising and
Computer industry "On its Ear" because Google has figured out
how to give the customer what they want, cheaply, quickly, and
deliver it with better speed and dedication to making unique
products with a differentiation.

They call them Betas, maybe, BUT they WORK, they are not
making things riddled with bugs, or following a sloppy, greedy,
quick to copy and market the idea type of business strategy.

What company do WE Know who does this evil deed most often,
hint, its NOT Google, most of the time we are paying microsoft
for a beta quality product that IS never ready for prime time, its
one bug fix after another. And once they have a sufficient
number of bugs fixed, rather than give the fix away, they make
you pay more money for this "NEW" version, also with new bugs.

Not to mention the fact that Googles ideas are often unique, or
just "me too" enough to garner attention, but then mixed with a
little twist that makes someone say "wow, finally, a search
engine that suggests IF I didnt spell a word right in my search
request" How long did it take the others to add that?

Some people don't know when they've got it good. Quit trying to
kill the golden Google, it is laying Eggs for everyone, freely
opening the Information Highways' Toll Roads, and preventing
Microsoft from scrounging every last penny from us for shoddy
products and stolen bolt-on ideas.

They and Apple are the 2 breaths of fresh ideas and innovation
that the rest of the computer industry relies on to sparkle and

Heads are gonna Roll, the ship is unstable, Good News

Reader post by: Jack Sprat

Story: Microsoft to reorg; Allchin to retire

Well for once they might actually be doing something to produce
positive results. Shortening the line between the customer and
the honchos at the top would be a good start, too bad they didnt
try this sooner. Keeping Jim Allchin til Vista is a sendoff that
should happen much sooner however.

This guy doesnt know his customer, or his product; when I read
his numerous interviews in eWeek and InfoWorld, he says
nothing that indicates he is even in the software business, he
sounds mostly political, like a cheap salesman in that regard.

I guess this news is more about the way those at the top of MS
are scrambling to man the ship with a new look, doing anything
they can to make some news, otherwise Google gets all the

While MS is not in danger of disappearing soon, they have hit
their peak and now must accept that they are old news, and we
customers are tired of the sloppy products we get.


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