Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More view from the Field, Macs do Windows, MSFT scrambles

OOOH, Me too, Me too, MSFT says Me too to VOIP IM blah blah blah

Oh boy, we better get back on the bandwagon and announce
that MSFT also has a VOIP addition to the Windows OS, how
convenient, another way to get Phishing Dialers, Porn 900
number billings and a virus in your phone. Remember the MSFT
programmable phone product from 5 years ago, that went

Lets see AIM, MSN IM, Google Chat IM, Jabber IM, ICQ IM, Gizmo
IM, Skype IM, or VOIP, so I'm confused....once these pieces of
crap all talk to each other, safely, and easily...then we might
actually have an Open design that allows people to really use
this junk to make a simple phone call.

When was the last time you opened up a cell phone to push the
wrong buttons and got the Web and not a damn phone call you
were trying to make. Putting calling and phones into a PC is way
overboard, especially when the PC is the number one target of ID
stealing, Phishing, scams, viruses, trojans and whatever else can
sneak into the swiss-cheese OS and ruin an otherwise simple
concept. When I need to make a call....I think I will use my

Microsoft proposes joint research with OSDL

This idea would serve no one but Microsoft. Their offer to pay half is chump change for them, since they asked for the meeting they should pay for all of it, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds. They can make it a "true" public service effort, a way to assist companies to lower the TCO, helping US businesses handle soaring costs related to all types of technology & software. There is "no way" OSDL should accept an offer from Microsoft to work together on this study. Is there ANY doubt that Microsoft will handle the information with measures to keep it from being polluted with their "Windows everywhere" mentality. There is no place for a meeting of the minds, when the only results they seek are to eradicate the enemy. Further, any company who has ever shown any technology they built to Bill Gates, soon found their business harmed, by a hacked up, 2nd rate product that was bundled into Windows. Of course you can sue them, or hope they buy you out, but the whole consumer and corporate market suffers when Microsoft bundles more "junk" into the OS, rather than focusing on what THEY need to do, make a better, more secure OS, with less "stolen ideas" mashed in just to corner a new market opened by a more creative company. There is no good sense in showing Bill Gates your attack map, he will steal the ideas and mow over you with his legal hounds. Let them suffer in ignorance and get their facts somewhere else, they wouldnt know a Firewall, W3C standard, or secure and stable OS if they saw one.

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”
Jonathan Swift

Simple to get, simpler to give away. Avoid the MSFT lie
Reader post by: Jonathan Swift

Story: Microsoft tries new tack with small firms

Simpler to get, simpler to give away. Save the costs of doing
business with Microsoft products, the only company that gets
more profit is them, your company is meanwhile muddled in
upgrade hassles, file incompatiblity, and insecure Internet
access technology that makes you more vulnerable to data and
identity theft.

The list of features that are harmful to your business, and the
economy, are not mentioned in Steve Ballmer's notes. Just hot
air, from a Procter & Gamble-ized "new and improved" promise
that will merely choke the worlds businesses out of more money
and man-hours, while MSFT tries to strangle another sector,
company, or great idea.

The best thing you can do is short MSFT stock with the money
you wouldve spent on their software, and instead buy some
Linux systems for a much lower cost, bringing TCO in line, and
letting your money work for you, rather than having to work for
the money, and the poorly built software MSFT sells for too high
a cost.

They still have not learned how to listen to the customer or the
market, we want secure, easy to use software, without the
constant barrage of enticements to join MSN, Hotmail, or get a
Passport. Do not buy windows, give it away and turn to
Macintosh or Linux, you will find it is the best decision you will
ever make. There are thousands of users who can attest to this,
and all they can say is "why didnt we do this move off MSFT


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